Since I was young, I have always had a fascination for ‘cold’ nature. During my graduation project I researched why this has my interest and how human beings influence these ‘cold’ environments.


I had the ability to experience the Icelandic culture and to experience how the civilization cares about the environment. Furthermore, how the civilization and environments collaborate, in stead of being enemies. By experiencing this relationship, I found that we live in a new era; the anthropocene era. An era introduced by the geologist Paul Crutzen and endorsed by the lawyer Polly Higgins.


‘It stands for the notion that human beings have become the primary emergent geological force affecting the future of the Earth System.’ – Ian Angus


To make subjects like these negotiable, we need artists who are willing to confront human with the climate change and to evoke the discussion. During my project, I do evoke this discussion by paying attention to untouched landscapes on earth, and to use sustainable materials.



Photography: Joost Termeer

MUAH: Mireille Engel

Special thanks to:

ISTEX, Iceland

Gestastofe Sutarans, Iceland


Paul van Megen, Peggy van Megen, Maria van Megen


Bobbine Berden, Aline van Enckevort, Emma Mulder, Rosalie Boom, Luka Cappetti, Levi van Gelder, Leila El Alaoui, Marnix Vinkenborg, Thuygna Phan, Joost Termeer,