I have been working on a project with eight students who practice product design, spatial design and fashion design. Our intention was to find out what influence social media had on adolescents and how easy it is to manipulate using social media. What is the truth, what do you see and what do you believe?

We made our own Facebook page where everybody would be able to follow our project. We used the theory of 'society of spectacle' to tell everybody we won a price at an exposition in Paris, we never actually won. We pretended to win this price with two converted portable toilets.

Finally when we proved everybody the following:

'Because of the overload of images whom you consume online, you lose your focus. Hereby it is easy to manipulate, and is it hard to differentiate the reality with the fake.'



In collaboration with:

Zoran Strijbosch, Luka Cappetti, Rosalie Boom, Scott Gorman, Bobbine Berden, Mads Leuverink and Mans Weghorst